Prioritize customer feedback and confidently advocate to Product

Easily collate and prioritize all customer feedback in one place using one tool. Effortlessly build data-led cases to influence product decisions.

How Intalayer helps your Support team

Save hours collating data to prioritize and advocate for customer feedback

Intalayer integrates with your existing tools to automatically collate customer feedback and data points, like customer ARR and renewal status, for you to combine and analyze. No more manual exports or messy spreadsheets.

Confidently influence product decisions

Calculate a unique score for every feedback item based on the data points you combine. Show live prioritized lists in your meetings with Product or sort, filter, add, and remove data points to confidently advocate for feedback items.

Meet customer needs faster and reduce ticket volumes

Intalayer updates you as feedback items progress through product planning and development, so you can give your customers the answers they're waiting for. Stop wasting time searching for status updates or following up with Product Managers.

How Intalayer works?


Collect customer feedback in one place

No more outdated spreadsheets, chaotic Jira and Trello boards, or busy Slack channels.

Your Support team can quickly send customer feedback such as feature requests or bugs directly to the Intalayer dashboard. These items can be linked to your existing backlog, giving you an accurate picture of trends and related ticket volume.

It takes less than 5-minutes to integrate Intalayer with your existing Support tool.

From your Intalayer dashboard you can see:

  • All feature requests and bugs
  • Linked Support ticket data
  • Full customer conversation threads

Automatically collate the data you need to prioritize feedback

Say goodbye to manually exporting data from different tools, or worse, trying to find the data.

Once Intalayer has integrated with your tools, the magic happens. Select and automatically combine the data points you need to prioritize and advocate customer feedback.

Get the Product team to take notice of feedback items with data points, such as:

  • Customer annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Contract renewal date
  • Number of customers impacted

Customize your customer feedback prioritization model

They all matter, but which customer feedback items should have the highest priority?

Using Intalayer, you can customize a prioritization model by weighting different data points to reflect how your Product Managers make decisions.

The result is a unique score for every feedback item, based on the data points you combine.

That score gives a priority for items you can immediately surface and advocate to your Product team, which makes data-led prioritization easy.


Advocate for priorities and influence product decisions

The fortnightly meeting with the Product team. It can be awkward and challenging to advocate those pressing feedback items.

But not anymore. Now you can bring your Intalayer dashboard into conversations with the Product team and confidentially advocate for priorities and influence product decisions.

From the Intalayer dashboard, you can sort, filter, add or remove data points to show priority feedback items from any perspective.

As an example, if your Product Manager wants to see feedback from priority segment customers that are renewing their contract next month, you can easily filter and show those items.


Send priorities to development planning tools

Once Product has decided to action an item of feedback, you can instantly send Product and Engineering teams:

  • All the Support ticket data
  • Full conversation threads
  • Any attachments they require

Keep your customers up to date

Your customers have contacted your team with a problem. A problem that needs resolving.

What better way to show them you care than giving them an update for the answers they’re waiting for.

That’s what Intalayer does. It gives you and your support team visibility into how feedback items are progressing through product planning and development.

There’s no more wasting time searching for status updates. With two-way integrations between Support, Product, and Engineering team tools, you can always keep your customers updated.


Prove your impact as a Support leader

With Intalayer, you’re able to demonstrate the influence you have over product decisions.

Using the data collated, you can prove how your advocacy is:

  • Moving high priority items into development
  • Improving the product for your customers
  • Decreasing the time they’re waiting for issues to be resolved

Data security and privacy are a top priority at Intalayer

We take the trust you put in us very seriously. Intalayer is built on cloud infrastructure designed to ensure the safety of your data and is hosted and managed within Amazon Web Services (AWS) SOC 1 & SOC 2 accredited secure data centers.

Seamlessly integrate with the tools you’re already using

Intalayer can be integrated in minutes with your Support, Product, CRM, Customer Success and analytics tools.

All customer feedback collated & prioritized in one place

See how easily Intalayer can prioritize customer feedback so you can confidently advocate to Product

  • Seamlessly integrate with the tools you’re already using
  • Send prioritires to development planning tools
  • Collect customer feedback in one place
  • Keep your customers up to date
  • Automatically collate the data you need to prioritize feedback
  • Prove your impact as a Support leader
  • Customize you customer feedback prioritization model
  • Security and data protection embedded into all Intalayer services
  • Advocate for priorities and infuence product decisions
  • Fast personal support from our team
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