Finding insights in customer feedback used to take days.
Now it takes seconds

The Intalayer Google Sheets app instantly finds actionable insight in customer surveys, support tickets, product reviews, sales and customer success conversations.

Make sense of your qualitative feedback.

"We installed Intalayer, created our first report and found ways to improve our product in only 10 minutes. Last month, the same analysis took me a day and a half."

Marie Johns
Senior Product Manager

Chaos to clarity in under 10 minutes

1. Install the Intalayer Google Sheets app

Done in 1 minute
Once you install the Intalayer Google Sheets app from the Google Workspace Marketplace you can access it in two clicks from any Google Sheets document.

2. Open a CSV of your feedback in Google Sheets

Done in 3-4 minutes
If you already have your feedback stored in a CSV, just open it in Google Sheets. Otherwise export your feedback from any tool as a CSV and open it in Sheets.

3. Turn qualitative data into actionable insight

Done in 5 minutes
Select questions you want to answer such as 'how can we reduce customer churn?' and click 'Create Report'. Intalayer will instantly analyse your feedback and return answers with supporting evidence.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Intalayer Google Sheet app free to try?

The app is free to try for all early users. So join the waitlist and be first to know when we launch!

Who is the Intalayer Google Sheet app for?

Anyone that spends days or hours analysing qualitative customer feedback: Founders, Product leaders, Product Operations Managers as well as Customer Success, Customer Support, Marketing and Sales teams

Is my feedback data secure?

Absolutely. The Intalayer Google Sheets app does not store your feedback data. You also have control over what data is analysed so you can avoid any sensitive details such as customer names, company names or emails from being analysed.

What do I need in order to try the Intalayer Google Sheets app?

All you need is the Intalayer Google Sheets app installed on your browser and a CSV of your feedback open in Google Sheets.

How long will it take to see benefits?

From the moment you click 'install', it will take you less than 10 minutes to discover actionable insight in your feedback data.

What if I have my feedback data stored in a tool like Slack, Productboard or Aha?

Easy! Just export your data as a CSV and open it in Google Sheets.

Can I get my structured, labelled feedback data back into my tool?

We're working on this now! Send us a message about which tool you want to send data to at

Get actionable insight from qualitative feedback. In seconds, not days.