Empowering high performance Product and Support teams

Intalayer helps your Product and Support teams to automate and scale effective processes, so they can focus on the highest value activities for your customers and business, while cutting time spent on lower value tasks from days to minutes.

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Product teams

Save time managing customer issues so you can focus on features

Automate triage and prioritisation of customer issues and feedback. Instantly identify the highest priority areas to focus on next and keep support teams up to date on product decisions.

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Customer Support teams

Deliver fast resolutions and personal customer support at scale.

Quickly identify trends in customer issues and feedback. Use accurate data to advocate priorities to Product teams and provide transparency to customers with accurate resolution times.

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Seamless integrations with your existing tools.

Simple integrations

Get started easily with integrations into the Product and Support tools your teams are already using.

Intelligent issue triage

Accurately determine the impact of customer issues and feedback on your customers and business with consistent data driven triage.

Instant trends & prioritisation

Automatically group related reports and instantly prioritise your backlog so you know what to resolve next.

Accurate resolution estimates

Be confident in the resolution times you provide to customers with improved data sharing between Product and Support.

Automated customer updates

Make all your customers feel heard and keep them up to date on how you’re solving their problems.

Real time SLA reporting

Save FTE reporting on SLAs across multiple teams and tools with simple SLA tracking and analysis.

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